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Happy New Year!

  Make a list of all the people you want around you in the year 2019. Write it down (no actually write it down, don't be lazy). Now go through that list and send everyone a message and make an active PLAN to see them (if you don't schedule it, it doesn't count). If they live in a different part of the world, then schedule a call. Relationships are very, if not the most, important thing we have on this journey called life, and neglecting those relationships can be the cause of many of our other challenges. We deal with those challenges in many ways, and often those ways can be unhealthy. The opposite of addiction isn't sobriety, it's connection,...

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Stop Comparing

    My man @jayshetty put it perfectly, "stop identifying the gaps in your life in relation to who's in the room." As humans, we're constantly judging ourselves based on who's around us. Ever notice that when you're around a very fit person, the voice in your head starts to talk about joining the gym? It's good to improve our situations, but we can't do everything at once and start new things just because we met someone who has what we want. That's why social media is so dangerous, it constantly has us comparing our normal ass lives with the highlight reels of others, forgetting that they too, have normal ass lives. Even when I'm jet-setting around the world, getting...

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It's OK to have a bad day..

When I was a teacher, wearing my reflective vest, getting hit in the head with those bouncy balls kids play with at recess, in a bout of self-pity, I thought no one else had it worse than me. I imagined my favourite rappers living on yachts, scribbling life-changing verses in their notebooks and taking the rest of the day off. 10 years later, I realized they are living with their own challenges, and their IG's aren't indicative of how wonderful and horrible their lives really are. I don't broadcast my life too much online, and that makes people assume that I have a perfect peachy life. Instead of listing all the challenges I'm currently facing, let's just remember that NOBODY,...

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You are NOT your beliefs

I used to believe in cooties, Santa Clause, and a god in the sky who looked down and took notes on everything I did. Then I grew up and understood the importance of all those stories, and how they help shape us into people that work well in the society and cultures we have. More importantly, I learned not to place my self-worth and identity into my beliefs, because after all, beliefs are just very strongly held opinions. Beliefs can and should be scrutinized. Our biases, beliefs and opinions need to be challenged and updated regularly. Doesn't matter if we're talking spiritual, political, or our favourite flavour of ice cream (P.S Mint chocolate chip is gross don't @ me). When people challenge...

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