In a time of historic uncertainty, it's not easy to be enthusiastic about looking forward to the future. Many of us feel like we're doing so much just to keep our lips above the water, and feel powerless with what's happening around us. 

In Humble The Poet's talks, he shows that we don't have to wait around, and we can do more than simply survive. The new normal isn't something we have to accept, it's something we have the power to create. Reminding us that our purpose and passions come from the problems we're excited to tackle, and what a better time to exercise that. 

From his bright loft in an old TV studio warehouse, Humble both explores and shows how to make lemons from lemonade, and encourages us to, instead of avoiding the curveballs life throws, practice our swing. Through sharing videos of his ice plunges, to describing his own adaptations and adjustments during the pandemic, as well as the 2008 financial crisis, this talk isn't designed simply to get through the most challenging time in our collective history, it serves as a catalyst for us to dive into more discomfort and uncertainty; because that's where all the growth the resilience lies. Through important questions and changes in perspective, Humble works to inspire and interact with audiences to change from surviving in hard times to thriving, all while he may or may not be wearing pants. 




What could we achieve if we weren’t afraid to try?

This keynote presentation aims to transform participants' lives by challenging them to break down the barriers they have created for themselves. Humble the Poet challenges the notion that personal growth comes solely from introspection. Instead, he inspires action. By graduating from ice-cold showers to a 7-minute ice plunge with Wim Hof, Humble has experienced the life-changing shift that comes from putting himself in unfamiliar and difficult situations. Inadvertently, by attempting difficult tasks, he has also allowed himself room to make mistakes. So often, we try to avoid failure due to the fear of the emotions that may arise. However, running towards failure is the first step towards resilience, as only when we fail can we try again. By sharing his experiences, Humble sheds light on how trying difficult things helps individuals build resilience that makes them more successful in their personal and professional lives.

As participants engage in this presentation, they will have the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and contemplate the times that fear of change or failure has prevented them from trying. Once identified, these past experiences can be used as pillars for growth by using them as a starting point to set goals.



This keynote presentation aims to transform the personal and professional lives of participants by instilling a sense of curiosity that inspires them to see each day in a new way. As a former elementary school teacher, Humble the Poet understands that the best learning happens when the student has a desire to learn. Often, much of this curiosity diminishes when we settle into our careers. By teaching employees how to approach their work with a student's mindset, Humble will assist them in breaking free from stagnation and advancing professionally.

As participants engage in this presentation, they will learn to approach tasks and each other with an open mind. When individuals set their mindset to lead with curiosity, it transforms every aspect of their lives and can assist them in achieving their professional and personal objectives.



This keynote presentation aims to dismantle the pressure we place on ourselves to define our worth by our productivity and to help employees recognize when they are overworking at the expense of their mental health. As a best-selling author, Humble the Poet understands the importance of consistent effort. In the same way that none of his books were written in a day, employees must realistically assess their timelines against their workloads. Too often, employees overwork themselves, resulting in burnout. As a solution, Humble shares his methods to organize and optimize work schedules and spaces to maximize their efforts. He also emphasizes the importance of rest and how to achieve high-quality relaxation.



This keynote presentation aims to improve the flows of ideas within a workplace by promoting diversity and inclusion. Through welcoming diversity at each level in an organization, a company also welcomes a diverse set of ideas, experiences and ideologies. A diverse set of employees with a shared vision allows for a broader view of how to approach solutions and leads to a more inspiring, safe and fulfilling workplace.



From our career choices to the clothes we wear, and even the furniture we purchase, all of the decisions we make are motivated by our insatiable thirst for love. But what is love? We often mistake attention, validation, recognition, and other ego boosters for love when love is much more than that. In this talk, Humble explores the most significant misconceptions about our understanding of love and why we have complicated it so much in our lives. From debunking myths from Disney movies to sharing insightful scientific information about love, this talk aims to help everyone turn inward to create more avenues for love by viewing love as an action rather than something to be earned and achieved from others.



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