In a time of historic uncertainty, it's not easy to be enthusiastic about looking forward to the future. Many of us feel like we're doing so much just to keep our lips above the water, and feel powerless with what's happening around us. 

In Humble The Poet's talks, he shows that we don't have to wait around, and we can do more than simply survive. The new normal isn't something we have to accept, it's something we have the power to create. Reminding us that our purpose and passions come from the problems we're excited to tackle, and what a better time to exercise that. 

From his bright loft in an old TV studio warehouse, Humble both explores and shows how to make lemons from lemonade, and encourages us to, instead of avoiding the curveballs life throws, practice our swing. Through sharing videos of his ice plunges, to describing his own adaptations and adjustments during the pandemic, as well as the 2008 financial crisis, this talk isn't designed simply to get through the most challenging time in our collective history, it serves as a catalyst for us to dive into more discomfort and uncertainty; because that's where all the growth the resilience lies. Through important questions and changes in perspective, Humble works to inspire and interact with audiences to change from surviving in hard times to thriving, all while he may or may not be wearing pants. 




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