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Who is Humble?

I'm a former school teacher turned creative. What began as reciting spoken word poetry in coffee shops to impress girls evolved into a creative adventure that has spanned the last 10 years; crossing genres, mediums and oceans. I'm now an author, hip-hop artist, speaker, designer, filmmaker, and creative consultant. I've made a lot of mistakes along the way and share the lessons I've learned for all those looking to have a better life. There is a common thread that flows through my work, even if it's just a strand of my beard.

Best-Selling Author

Humble the Poet has authored three impactful books that have resonated with readers worldwide. "Unlearn" challenges societal norms and encourages readers to question their beliefs, paving the way for personal growth and self-discovery. In "Things No One Else Can Teach Us," Humble explores universal experiences such as loss, failure, and heartbreak, offering profound insights and guiding readers towards resilience. The book "How to Be Love(d)" delves into the transformative power of love, emphasizing the importance of self-love and fostering meaningful connections with others. Through his authentic and relatable writing style, Humble the Poet empowers readers to embrace change, seek personal enlightenment, and cultivate love in their lives.


Humble the Poet is a multi-talented artist who not only writes captivating poetry but also demonstrates his skills in directing and editing music videos. With a keen eye for visuals, he has successfully produced and overseen the creative process of many of his own music videos, showcasing his artistic vision. Moreover, Humble the Poet has been actively pursuing opportunities to extend his expertise to other artists, aspiring to bring his unique style and storytelling abilities to their projects as well.

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Spoken Word Artist

Humble the Poet began his journey as a Spoken Word artist and has since established himself as a regular performer, captivating audiences with his powerful words. His talent and passion for his craft led him to be part of notable projects, such as Apple's groundbreaking "Shot on iPhone" campaign in Canada.

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Public Speaker

Humble the Poet speaks to universities, colleges, organizations, and companies, sharing his story, as well sharing ideas for others in the worlds of education, leadership and self development.

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Social Media Influencer

Humble the Poet has had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed brands on impactful projects that align with his values. Through these partnerships, he has successfully connected these brands with causes close to his heart. One noteworthy collaboration was with Cadbury, where Humble the Poet helped raise funds for underprivileged children in Ghana to acquire bicycles, transforming their long walks to school into shorter, more efficient rides. These initiatives exemplify his commitment to making a positive difference in the world. To delve deeper into his brand partnerships and learn more about these impactful projects, contact him here.

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Humble the Poet crafts designs that tell meaningful stories. Each piece is a testament to the power of storytelling and celebrates the beauty of human experiences.

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