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All I’ve been saying is, the moment someone opens this book, they connect with it.. here’s more proof 🙌🏾 -
My father was a cab driver, my mother worked at the #Kellogs factory.. I wrote poems for my friends in high school to give to their girlfriends. -
Now my firstborn is about to bounce off the biggest trampoline a book can bounce off.. Thank you all for being a part of this journey. On April 9th my baby’s gonna fly.. this book saved my life in so many ways, and I’m excited for it to touch so many more. -
Thank you all for Pre-ordering the book.. you’re ensuring the bookstores who don’t know me, pay attention and ensure copies of my baby are on their shelves.
It’s 30% off right now, and everyone who pre-orders gets a personal video from me, stroking my beard & thanking them, as well as a few more goodies 😉 

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