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Start Setting Habits

Start Setting Habits


Motivation never lasts, habits do. Habits take longer to form, but that's a good thing. Small progress adds up, and will take you farther than big leaps of effort that last one day. 
If you want to eat healthier, focus on improving breakfast. Once that's done, move on to lunch. It may take 6 months to get everything right, but that's better than trying a fad diet for a week and going back to your unhealthy ways. Anything that's overwhelming can be broken up into smaller, more manageable tasks, and those tasks can get conquered. You may get so good at building habits, you may stop coming here to read my stuff for motivation, and I'm okay with that. Just remember me as the handsome man I think I am, looking at you with love and a goofy smile, giving you a big thumbs up .#BLESS

If you like the stuff I write, you'll love my book 😁. It's all my nuggets of wisdom but in book form.

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