The King and the Poet

We were greeted by @diljitdosanjh and a trailer full of delicious samosas and sweets. He served everyone, including the camera crew and assistants, the food himself, and that’s what made it feel like home. This man brought #Punjab to the mainstream in a way that celebrates the best of us. He understands this is bigger than himself and continues to break boundaries and set a course for the rest of us to aspire to. We laugh at his films, dance to his music, and find joy watching him conquer milestones. This man has his own wax figure at #MadameTussaudsnow! As creatives, we think we have to compromise ourselves to fit in, but we don’t. It’s the parts that make us unique, that are worth celebrating.

Leaving his trailer, on the ride back to the hotel, we saw giant 100 ft billboard with his face and beautiful Pugh on it. I meet a lot of cool people but no one has filled my heart and made me feel so at home at Diljit did. Thank you 22G 🙏🏽
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