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Life is hard, and it sucks. It's a miracle that we haven't all just mentally imploded by the time we hit 25. We're a resilient bunch and we find beauty in this chaos in so many ways. None of us can be, nor should be, happy all the time. We learn and grow from our pain and discomfort. There are things we can do to add more happy to the recipe of our existence, and it's nothing mystical or secret. We can create things; we can create things to look forward to, and we can create opportunities to get a little uncomfortable to summon our bravery. We can create better situations for others by serving them. We can create time to express gratitude. The list is endless, and we can do this creating whenever we want. I make it sound simple, but the doesn't mean I'm saying it's easy, but then again, re-read my first sentence in this post. Take responsibility for your life, and you'll create more of the life you want. #BLESS

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