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Feel Light My Handsome Friends

  I was having some intense existential moments of crises recently. Things had been going fantastically well in many departments of my life, but the flame inside me didn't feel any more fed.A juicier bank account wasn't doing it.Pretty ladies hollerin' at the boy wasn't doing it.Even writing and creating wasn't doing it.As I teetered on the edge of Nihilism, I went outside, closed my eyes, put my face into the sun, and just smiled. The problem wasn't that I was lacking something, I was just carrying too much. Too much expectation, too much pressure, too much stress, too much entitlement, and too much distraction. All of that was smothering the key to my happiness: my gratitude.I got lost in...

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An Act We All Put On

People are continuously turning their anxiety and depressive episodes into novelties like it's a funny zit on their face or something. I think making light of things is great, and I don't think anything is sacred, but making light of some things also makes it challenging to actually address them. I exist behind the scenes of this digital world. I know most of your favourite creators and get to hang out with them when the cameras are off, and with the exception of a handful of self-aware homies, many are struggling with mental health challenges, and sinking lower and lower trying to keep their audiences appeased. It's an act we all play, while simultaneously falling for it when others do...

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The Cages We Live In

I spent so much time caged in the expectations of others, whether that was my family, friends, or society as a whole. We've all been raised to follow the rules and not question why things are the way they are. Some of us break free from this mindset, only to run a few feet and encounter a new cage. Even now, when I do something new, there's an imaginary conversation happening in my head justifying my decisions to an invisible audience of critics. These aren't people I know, just old, and stale voices that remain in my head, telling me that I have to explain my decisions. We don't have to explain shit to anybody anymore. As Dr. Seuss said,...

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Get Better, Not Bitter

  I get jealous. Going on social media will always give me an excuse to feel jealous of something. Maybe it's someone's beach body, or the fact that they're hanging with their family, or the fact that they don't look like they have any lower back pain. I got jealous when @iisuperwomanii got to sit down and chat with Bill Gates. I'm jealous I missed @scarbrothedawgs birthday party. Jealousy is simply hate and love mixed in a pot; you love what others have, but hate that you don't have it as well. I'm able to admit when I'm jealous and aim to do something about it, rather than simply stew in self-pity. The old me would become Humble The Hater, and make excuses as...

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Get to know yourself

  I've compromised myself many times to avoid being alone. The idea of being alone isn't the issue, it's the loneliness that comes with it. Sometimes, all we want to be is alone, and then it's not loneliness we feel, it's peace and solitude. So what's the difference? It's our relationship with ourselves. When we enjoy our own company, ideas of loneliness creep up much less. We've also further isolated ourselves with this pretend world of social media. It has us bombarding ourselves with images of other people but does little to actually connect us with them, making us feel even more alone. Instead of avoiding being by ourselves, we should schedule it in. This doesn't mean we have to...

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