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Sexy Sweaters

Sexy Sweaters

When I say @iisuperwomanii has always had my back, that covers a spectrum beyond friendship. She'll text me a heads up if my ex is at a party I'm about to attend, she regularly updates me with fresh photos of @scarbrothadawg, which keep me smiling on the most difficult of days. She knows what triggers my overthinking and has given me advice and insight that most people couldn't pay for. Work-wise, it makes a big difference for these industry snakes to know they're dealing with one of Lilly Singh's friends, it means if they cross any lines with me, they'd be ruining any potential opportunities they would have with her. That's made her my bodyguard out in Hollywood. Lilly went out of her way to introduce me to people I would have never had the opportunity to cross paths with myself, and those relationships have put me in a position to live out my dreams. Let's not forget that's she's opened her home to me since 2016, allowing me to focus on my work, and not stress about many of the things other artists $truggle with when coming to a new city. She's repeatedly exposed me and my work to her community of millions and put me in rooms to meet some of the coolest, most interesting people on the planet. She's also made the time to sit me down and call me out for some of my less than inspiring choices. We have a clarity in our communication that I called "naked talk", where no one sugar coats anything. It's something I aspire to have with everyone in my life.

I wanted the world to know when I rep #TeamSuper, I rep it from the deepest parts of my being, not to mention, these colours look sexy AF on me (Mint-Chocolate Chip FTW). Thank you for always having my back, and instead of simply SAYING I'll always have yours, I'll continue to SHOW you. 
Lastly, thank you for amplifying all the important conversations we need to be having. I know by sharing your stories, you are and will continue to leave a positive impact on so many people. 
Excited for the world to see you conquer 2019

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