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Be Nicer to Yourself..

  Be nicer to yourself. It doesn't benefit anyone when you're hard on yourself. It doesn't make you work harder, it doesn't keep you motivated, it doesn't help your mental or physical health, and it opens the door for others to treat you the same. The way we treat ourselves sets the tone for the way others will be permitted to treat us, and it's nobody else's responsibility to keep us safe from that type of bullshit, but ourselves. Our brains are wired to focus on things that are out of place, that's how we survive. In modern life, that means we focus on what's wrong, and disregard all that's right, and that's not very helpful. When someone loves themselves...

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We're Either Making Progress or Excuses..

  We can read motivational quotes forever, but unless we make the decision to start before we feel ready, we’re not going to make much progress. I’ve been there, in bed 18 hours a day, hoping my problems would figure themselves out, or someone would come save the day and be my hero. As we grow from children to adults, we not only have to be more independent, we also have to let go of the idea that anyone else is going to make our problems theirs. Some of us need encouragement, while others can simply be told to SUCK IT UP, either way, the responsibility lies with us, and no one else. It doesn’t matter if THEY betrayed us,...

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