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Be Nicer to Yourself..

Be Nicer to Yourself..


Be nicer to yourself. It doesn't benefit anyone when you're hard on yourself. It doesn't make you work harder, it doesn't keep you motivated, it doesn't help your mental or physical health, and it opens the door for others to treat you the same. The way we treat ourselves sets the tone for the way others will be permitted to treat us, and it's nobody else's responsibility to keep us safe from that type of bullshit, but ourselves. Our brains are wired to focus on things that are out of place, that's how we survive. In modern life, that means we focus on what's wrong, and disregard all that's right, and that's not very helpful. When someone loves themselves and expresses it, like Kanye, he gets called cocky, arrogant, and egotistical, and that deters the rest of us. Or maybe you named yourself Humble stupidly, and it just sounds weird when you show any pride. Either way, there's a societal barrier for people not to love and care about themselves too much, and it needs to be ignored. If you can feel like a trillion dollars, do it, and don't let others project their insecurities onto you. We can forever look at our shortcomings, and we all have them, but both ourselves, and the world around us will benefit when we focus more on our strengths, and see how that can add value to the rest of the world. Leave me a comment, and let me know what you have of value and how it will add beauty to the world.

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  • – Ejoduw Nonaje

  • I needed that today. I’m very much an overthinker and with a powerful mind I’ve driven myself to dark places I don’t want to be in anymore. Instead I choose to focus that strength into problem solving and multitasking because I can balance doing many more things at the time than many people. But in order to change my mindset I always feel the need to convince myself with self-constructed arguments that make sense, so this helped tremendously. It makes so much sense how it doesn’t make sense to be stuck in the self-hating mindset. Thank you for sharing these thoughts I genuinely spend time sometimes just reading through your blog when I feel like my thoughts are getting out of hand. Hope you have a good day.


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