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Life's too Short..

Life's too Short..


Years of dealing with racism, heartbreak, and being a public figure on social media (a place where people aim to destroy you from the comforts of their keyboard), has created a very thick skin on me. Nothing #Trump tweets, no matter how stupid, is going to get under my skin and ruin my day, I've been through worse. In this industry, I've been used, abused, chewed up, and spit out, and I learned that nothing good comes from taking it personally (and taking things personally used to be my superpower, I'm a Cancer after all). Now that I don't get offended, I've freed up quite a bit of time every day, that I can use to do more important things, like nap, browse reddit, or do absolutely nothing. It's one thing to take something to heart, it's another to feel the need to announce that to the world. Getting offended in the social media age is another slick way people can scream "NOTICE ME" without having to do anything worth noticing them for in the first place. You're too handsome to be one of these types of people, and I know it's not easy if someone gets under your skin, so try this: The next time someone or something rubs you the wrong way, wait 24 hours before reacting, that's it. IF you're still mad, say something, but keep track of how many things still matter 24 hours after you wanted to first react. Taking things personally also takes a toll on our heart and allows others to pull our strings. Politicians do it to us all the time. Let's rise above this bullshit, and free up our time to do more constructive things..

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