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Me and My Beard

Me and My Beard


I almost cut my beard for a girl. Man, it wasn't even her- it was her mom that didn't like it. She was like, "I like your beard, but it'll make her more accepting if you just clean it up a bit." When you're on the outside you think, 'what kind of dumbass would do anything like that for a girl?', but when you think you're in love (or are afraid of being alone) and you don't want to lose them, you'll consider it. Acceptance is so important to us; it's coded into our DNA, so don't feel bad if you found yourself compromising more than you wanted to keep someone. It's normal; but normal doesn't mean good. I'm not going to lie to you and say, "Be yourself and the perfect person will fall in your lap and you'll live happily ever after." There are other accounts posting that type of shit. What I'll tell you is relationships take work, and as noble as it may seem to make concessions in relationships, just keep in mind not to lose the core of who you are just to keep someone around. Losing yourself in the long run is going to cost you more than a relationship. It's the reason people make other irresponsible choices that fuck their lives up even more. I don't know a perfect couple out there. Love isn't enough to keep people together, but it can make great fuel to keep people trying. Being someone else to gain the acceptance of others isn't sustainable, and it won't cure the loneliness you're feeling. That only comes when you improve the relationship you have with yourself. I didn't cut my beard for her, and she told her mom off, but we broke up a few months later anyways. Now she's married with a kid that isn't mine, and I still have my sexy beard and all you handsome friends, so it worked out. 

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