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Stop Asking

Stop Asking "Why Me"

Thousands of years ago in the wild, you had to be super paranoid to stay alive. Hear a noise? assume it's a sabre-tooth tiger, even if it's just a bunny rabbit, because even if you're wrong, you're still alive.

That mega paranoia has followed us into a world where sabre-tooth tigers don't exist, and physical danger is minimum. So now the paranoia feeds off our insecurities.

"Everybody is staring at me"
"My post is too long and boring"
"I have an ugly smile"

We think the remedy is more positive thinking and affirmations, while it's good to see the sunny side of things, we have to recognize the thousands of years of programming is holding hands with things like social media and messing us up.

That's why, no matter how good things go, we're always fixated on the bad, even if that bad is 0.005% of our lives.

I'm not ignorant to the idea that some of you reading this are dealing with real shit. Many of you have shared with me your amazing stories fighting cancer, losing loved ones, and managing very real mental health issues. Regardless of where we are in life, we can all feel better by making more effort to celebrate the small things. Celebrating the little victories will add more strength to deal with the bigger challenges.

There is always something worth expressing gratitude for. It can be existential, like the oxygen we breath, or something a bit sillier, like the fact that @willsmith exists on Instagram.

Doing this will help us stay away from the victim mindsets we often carry when shit hits the fan. Reducing a victim mindset isn't about taking blame for the bad things that happen, it's about recognizing that little is accomplished from drowning in self pity. Yes, it can give the illusion of venting, just like eating french fries gives the illusion that you had a vegetable.

Complain less, appreciate more. there's always something to complain about, and always something to appreciate, the power is your hands to decide which you want to focus your life on. #LOVE.

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