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Join My Virtual Birthday Party

Join My Virtual Birthday Party

My birthday is this weekend, and who better to spend it with than my Handsome Friends. We've been doing these group Zoom calls for a few weeks now, and they've been great. They're easy to organize, everybody can participate, and I end up getting to connect with y'all individually on a deeper level.

When I first started this journey, it would only be friends and family that attended my events. I'd be a little disappointed to see that I recognize everyone in the audience, my priorities were out of sych and I wanted the validation of complete strangers so I could feel my work was actually any good.

Now I realized that all I want is friends and family at my events, and that means turning you all into friends and family, instead of just strange faces staring back at me. Having these Zoom calls is one way to do that,

With the toxicity that can exist on anyone's comment section, I understand why many public figures want to keep things a one way conversation. I'm fortunate that you guys are thoughtful, kind, curious, and fun to be around.

I appreciate that you poke fun at me in the comments, and challenge my ideas, I'm grateful you sent me recommendations on ideas to explore, and have supported and set me up to where I am today. It was someone in the comments who told me to write a book, someone else in the comments that showed me how to publish, and almost everybody in the comment that fueled me to keep going.

I'll also be having @lilly on as a special guest, and you guys can watch us have one of our famed deep dived conversations. I'll be picking her brain about all things LOVE.

visit (LINK IN BIO) to get on the guest list, and let's celebrate another bearded lap around the sun together.
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