We're All on A Journey

I bought 16 bags of ice and threw them in my tub to have an ice plunge. I got my phone set up to record the plunge to show off to all of you. My personal record is 13 mins in the ice.⁣⁣
I lasted 30 seconds, and crawled out of the tub in complete pain and shock.⁣
Maybe I got soft, maybe there was too much ice, or maybe my ego got the best of me. Whatever it was, it was a "humbling" experience (yes, pun intended). ⁣⁣
My first reaction was to beat on myself for failing.I lamented my failure to the Poland crew and I got a message from @thematthewhussey with three simple words "You showed up!"⁣⁣
It's true, I showed up, and that's really what's important. We all mess up, but at least we showed up. Life isn't about winning, it's about improving, and those improvements come from trial & error.⁣⁣
Instead of being hard on myself for only lasting 30 seconds, I need to celebrate the effort, and adjust accordingly. So next time instead of 16 bags of ice, maybe start with 6, and work my way up. It doesn't have to be all or nothing, it's Progress > Perfection. ⁣⁣
Maybe it‘s life's way of telling me that posting my ice plunges are no different than anyone else's thirsty attempt for attention, and my purpose on these platforms is to add value, not show how cool I am (yes, pun intended). ⁣⁣
I'm writing a book about LOVE and producing my own music, two territories I know very little about, so I have to remind myself regularly that the inevitable mistakes are what I pave the journey with. A year from now, I'll be more literate in the art of love, and I'll be making better beats, but I can't skip steps on the journey. ⁣⁣
Whatever journey you're on, if it gets overwhelming, learn to rest before you quit, learn to take a step back to set up the next three steps forward. You're not a failure for not getting it right the first or fifteenth time, you're making progress, and that's what matters most. ⁣⁣

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