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May your choices reflect your hopes

May your choices reflect your hopes

Everyone I talk to, has found some level of clarity in 2020 (how Ironic..20/20 vision... clarity... get it.. nvm). The world paused long enough for us to look around and ask "is this how it should be for me?".⁣

It's hard to unplug from a life where everything is familiar and certain, so we avoid doing it. But then the whole planet is flipped on its head, and it has us wondering, "if I could survive this much change, what else am I capable of?"⁣

Is this the job we want, or is it what we need to do to maintain the lifestyle we have, or keep our parents approval. Is this the best relationship to be in, or are we just afraid of dying alone, and settling for something "good enough". Is this the city we want to live in, or is it just the place we plant seeds, because we already have so many roots here. ⁣

We're either pushed by fear, or pulled by love, and because it can be in the exact same direction, we can easily confuse which is which. Am I posting this because I 𝐇𝐎𝐏𝐄 to help? or do I 𝐅𝐄𝐀𝐑 being forgotten if I don't feed the algorithms with content.⁣

I make fear based decisions, we all do, but I want to make less. I don't want the fear of the unknown to prevent me from moving forward with my life. That may mean making this new book my last, and moving on to whatever scares me the most. It could also mean just proofreading my work more and challenging myself to be even easier to digest and more valuable with the ideas I share. The options are endless, I just want to make them less about fear, and more about hope. ⁣

What's a decision you can make today based on HOPE more than FEAR. leave a comment and tag someone who needs to see this. #LOVE
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