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You're a Champ..

I have an international bestselling book, and it still has spelling and grammar mistakes in it. I directed and edited music videos that have millions of views, and there are clear bloopers in all of them. There is no perfect, and being perfect isn't remotely necessary to find success. Sports teams don't need perfect records to become champions either, they play one game at a time, and the efforts add up. We have to stop waiting for something to happen to realize we're already champions. Signing a record deal isn't necessary for me to be a professional rapper, having a million followers on social media isn't necessary for me to have a community of handsome friends. Comparing where we are...

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Be Nicer to Yourself..

  Be nicer to yourself. It doesn't benefit anyone when you're hard on yourself. It doesn't make you work harder, it doesn't keep you motivated, it doesn't help your mental or physical health, and it opens the door for others to treat you the same. The way we treat ourselves sets the tone for the way others will be permitted to treat us, and it's nobody else's responsibility to keep us safe from that type of bullshit, but ourselves. Our brains are wired to focus on things that are out of place, that's how we survive. In modern life, that means we focus on what's wrong, and disregard all that's right, and that's not very helpful. When someone loves themselves...

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The Art of Being Grateful

We're not grateful because we're happy, we're happy because we're grateful. We wait for things to be thankful for, when really, we're better off searching for things to be thankful for in our everyday. We can be thankful for the oxygen in our lungs, the internet access we have, the fact that we have some real friends, or that our Instagram crush just posted a new pic in a drool-worthy outfit. There's no shortage of things we can appreciate, it's a choice we can make at any time. When I say good things happen to those who appreciate, I'm not promising a winning lottery ticket, or a cute boy's phone number. I'm saying when we search for beauty in life,...

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Me and My Beard

  I almost cut my beard for a girl. Man, it wasn't even her- it was her mom that didn't like it. She was like, "I like your beard, but it'll make her more accepting if you just clean it up a bit." When you're on the outside you think, 'what kind of dumbass would do anything like that for a girl?', but when you think you're in love (or are afraid of being alone) and you don't want to lose them, you'll consider it. Acceptance is so important to us; it's coded into our DNA, so don't feel bad if you found yourself compromising more than you wanted to keep someone. It's normal; but normal doesn't mean good. I'm...

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Life's too Short..

  Years of dealing with racism, heartbreak, and being a public figure on social media (a place where people aim to destroy you from the comforts of their keyboard), has created a very thick skin on me. Nothing #Trump tweets, no matter how stupid, is going to get under my skin and ruin my day, I've been through worse. In this industry, I've been used, abused, chewed up, and spit out, and I learned that nothing good comes from taking it personally (and taking things personally used to be my superpower, I'm a Cancer after all). Now that I don't get offended, I've freed up quite a bit of time every day, that I can use to do more important things, like...

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