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Earn It.

Earn It.


If you want to measure maturity, use entitlement as a ruler. The more someone feels entitled to something, the less maturity they're showing. The more entitlements we have, the more we need to grow up. Nothing is promised, not another dollar, a day, or even a moment. Everything we have is a gift, but we get so used to it, that we don't appreciate it until it's gone. I don't appreciate my health until after a week in bed with strep throat feeling like I'm going to die. I didn't appreciate my body until I was popping opiates to deal with the back pain (they were prescribed, don't get worried, I've been off them for a while now). Even after these occurrences, it's easy to forget and go back to focusing on what we want over what we already have. Comparing ourselves to others plays a big part in this. When others have what we (think we) want, it can reduce our ability to appreciate what we have. If you don't want me to compare your life to hungry kids in Africa, then stop comparing your life to photoshopped models on Instagram; comparing is comparing. Instead of feeling entitled to things in life, realize we're only entitled to WORK towards those things, and it won't be for an unlimited time. Dismissing other's accomplishments as luck is another way to deny ourselves the power to create things for ourselves. Luck is when opportunity meets preparation, you don't control the opportunities, but you do control your preparation, and the amazing thing is the more prepared you are, the more you'll be able to see opportunities in front of you. @50cent got shot 9 times, and instead of feeling sorry for himself, he flipped the whole narrative and built a $100M career off of it. As he says, we have the power to turn sh*t to sugar, as long as we work. Let's stop sitting around and waiting for things to happen, and instead realize you have so much power to manifest the life you want; EARN IT. #BLESS

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