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Thank You, Marc & Angel

Thank You, Marc & Angel

It’s a simple inconvenient truth: 
to gain real wisdom, we have to go through real shit. 
Every life lesson I’ve ever learned was told to me years before it was actually absorbed. Life had to kick my ass a few times for the lessons to stick, and if enough time goes by, I may be due for another beating. @Marcandangel are examples of real people who have gone through real shit, and turned those shitty situations into sweetness that they share with the world. 
They’ve experienced losses of enormous magnitude and challenges that can destroy a person. They've come out the other side, using their lessons to positively impact the lives of many. They reached out to me to speak at their conference, but I took more from the experience than I could ever imagine. Within 15 minutes of their #ThinkBetterLiveBetterconference, I was crying in the arms of someone who was a stranger to me only moments before. That’s because they challenged us to face our real shit, and use that to connect with others going through the same.

Connecting with Marc & Angel was easily the early highlight of my 2019. They showed me that it’s not a competition of suffering between us, and even if it was, there have been people who have gone through far worse than I ever have, only to shine through it far more than I ever would. I want to thank both of them from the bottom of my heart for sharing me with their community. I encourage you all to check out their work and hear their story, I know it will have an impact on you the same way it did with me. #BLESS
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