Take Care of Your Flame

In 2017 I signed a massive deal to be in an Apple Commercial. It was a big deal because not only was I making amazing money, I was going to be in a muhfugging Apple commercial! This was the biggest thing I had ever accomplished in my life. I shot the commercial, had a boat load of fun, and then bending over to put on some pants, my back gave out. I fell to the floor and lay there for an hour before I could reach my phone to call anyone for help. For the next week I experienced random sharp electrical pains in my back that happened at random. It took 3 trips to the emergency room to convince them I was hurt enough for the strong stuff. I was on percocets and had to walk with a cane to the bank the day the cheque arrived. That was the moment I realized that none of this was worth shit if I didn't feel good. What use was working my ass of going to accomplish if I was neglecting my health. When we're healthy we don't think about taking care of ourselves. My injuries were 100% preventable and took over 10 years to manifest through my poor choices. Since then I've had to start from 0, but with the help of @parbrar.fitness and @infinitemotionx, I'm in better shape now than I've ever been (I'm even doing deadlifts mom!). We all have to put ourselves first to ensure we don't fade away. It's not simply our physical health that matters, our mental health is just as essential. Productivity and sleep deprivation get romanticized a lot for the hustlers and grinders, but none of that is worth it if we don't have our health. Take care of yourself. #BLESS

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