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Kanwer S Mahl

  I've compromised myself many times to avoid being alone. The idea of being alone isn't the issue, it's the lonelin...

Happy New Year!

Kanwer S Mahl

  Make a list of all the people you want around you in the year 2019. Write it down (no actually write it down, don'...

Stop Comparing

Kanwer S Mahl

    My man @jayshetty put it perfectly, "stop identifying the gaps in your life in relation to who's in the room." A...

It's OK to have a bad day..

Kanwer S Mahl

When I was a teacher, wearing my reflective vest, getting hit in the head with those bouncy balls kids play with at ...

Your Favourite Simpson

Kanwer S Mahl

  🎶 Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near? 🎶😍😍😍 🖌@luiebcartoons#couplesgoals

You are NOT your beliefs

Kanwer S Mahl

I used to believe in cooties, Santa Clause, and a god in the sky who looked down and took notes on everything I did....

Magical Moments

Kanwer S Mahl

From the bottom of my heart, and the bushiest part of my beard, I want to thank @priyankachopra & @nickjonas fo...

Start by caring about yourself

Kanwer S Mahl

Don't let others guilt you or make you feel bad for putting yourself first.Self-sufficiency and sustainability are e...

Shoutout to my Stylist 😎

Kanwer S Mahl

Being invited to a very royal occasion on the other side of the planet 🌏 with very short notice could be a stressful...

Moving on

Kanwer S Mahl

  All my self-worth and confidence was planted firmly in her heart. She cared about me, and I felt both lucky and un...

Thank YOU!

Kanwer S Mahl

It's been an amazing year, having two bestselling books, that have both earned one of the highest honours books in #...

Admitting We're Scared Takes Bravery

Kanwer S Mahl

I make up the most elaborate excuses for why I can't do something.  I can't work out today, my socks don't match. I ...
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