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Live in the Present

Live in the Present

We live in a split world, there's the part of the world we know, and the much bigger part of the world we don't. The future is the world we don't know, because we don't know what's going to happen, and with that comes a lot of anxiety, too much sometimes. We can worry endlessly about the future that we don't realize how much of our present we're taking away from ourselves.

The past is full of regret, and that's often because we haven't found the valuable lessons from the dumb shit we did in that past. Beating ourselves up over it does very little to make our present better. I fall into the rabbit hole of Youtube videos when I should be writing, and after a few hours, I wish I made better decisions, but my best option is to simple start then. 
Let's be more present, whether that's via meditation, or simply remembering to be where our body is. Having our minds wander from past to future is like a ping pong ball, it makes more noise and results in less peace, so let's make effort to spend time more in the middle, since that's where we truly are. 
It's good to visit the past and future, but just make sure you're not there for too long. We all need to spend more time in the present. #BLESS

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