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09/16/19 - SAVE THE DATE!!!

09/16/19 - SAVE THE DATE!!!

Put September 16, 2019 in your iCal, your Google Calendar, go buy a kittens calendar from the kiosk at the mall, open it to September 16th and mark that. That planner you bought, the one you never use, go in there and mark 09/16/19. Grab your friends phone and pretend to be googling something, but really just mark their calendars too. Mark all the calendars 09/16/19. Because our girl @iisuperwomanii is premiering her brand new show A LITTLE LATE WITH LILLY SINGH on @NBC.

If you know anything about Lilly is that she’s risen beyond the stratosphere because she has a work ethic that’s second to none and she’s the nicest human being on this planet. That kindness and work ethic means, she respects and cares about everyone who makes the time to check out her work, and she’s doesn’t cut any corners. That means this show is going to be epic!

Lilly conquers everything she touches, because she doesn’t focus on anything that she doesn’t plan on conquering. This is an opportunity for us all to witness and celebrate her do it once again on the massive platform of late night television. Throw viewing parties, tell your friends and all the people you don’t like. History is about to go down in 53 days! Mark the gottam date!!!

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