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Make Someone Smile

Make Someone Smile

I was once standing in a parking lot arguing with a girl I was seeing at the time. As things got heated, a car pulled up, and a young dude rolled down the window and screamed, "Holy shit! It's Humble The Poet", took a picture of me and drove off. It was a weird experience, especially since I was already in a crummy mood, but it broke the tension between me and my lady at the time, and I realized no matter how shitty I was feeling, I still had the power to add a smile to someone else's life. Obviously, not all of you reading this can make that happen simply by letting someone take a picture of you, but you can all do it in other ways. The problem with us is that we don't think we're good enough to be treated well, that's because we know everything about ourselves, and assume if others did too, they would deem us unworthy. I get that, and as you focus on improving your relationship with yourself, remember your unlimited power to do nice things for others, even when you're not feeling the best yourself. Another time, in my lowest moments, I answered an email from someone who wanted a mentor and agreed to do it. After the Raptors last game 5, walking out of the arena, the first homeless person I saw got $20. Kind gestures don't have to be money, they can be sharing your time, or even just a smile. Let's get out of our shells, and away from self-pity and find value by creating it for others. Compliment someone's outfit, hold the door open, donate some time to helping others, and see how that improves the way you feel about yourself. If you're feeling low and don't want to do anything nice for anyone else, then seriously consider your addiction to self-pity, and how that's going to be the death you. 
Try something nice right now. #BLESS
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