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Life Will Never Be Easy

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Only in the movies and on TV does everything wrap itself up in a pretty bow at the end, and everyone gets to live happily ever after. For us in the real world, there will always be a day after, and once one challenge is dealt with, a new one finds us. This is why we shouldn't focus on trying to just find easier ways to live life, but to also find strength to be able to endure more. More of what you ask? That all depends on you. Personally, I need to sprinkle more empathy into my days, and that's going to take work, that will be the same for whatever you're struggling with. The homie @kevinrose recently challenged me to explore the hardest way to get things done, because in that we'll find a lot of strength and reward from the accomplishment. We've all tried to cut corners and take the easy way out, and we've all seen how that doesn't work out in the long run. Let's do the work, earn the strength, and enjoy a lighter feeling life from it. Thank you so much to @aubreymarcus for having me on your podcast and inspiring this great conversation.

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