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We Have to Learn

We Have to Learn


If we read the story of our lives, would it be any interesting? 
Imagine if everything went to plan, that wouldn't be much of a life or a story to tell. It's the challenges that make us stronger, wiser, and gift us experiences that can be passed down to help us all evolve as a species. It doesn't take decades to figure this part out, we've all seen the values of our struggles forever, it's just that when we encounter a new challenge, if it's real enough, it feels like it's beyond our ability to deal with. Sometimes it is, and we can ask for help (note, venting on social media isn't the best way to ask for help). But most often the challenges that feel impossible, are usually only impossible because we have unrealistic things attached to it. That can be an unrealistic timeline, or expected outcome. Take a step back, and ask yourself "instead of worrying about what I want from this, and stressing my hair out, what can I learn from this?" When we learn, we win, and that learning can be shared with others. It's how I keep writing books; I lose, I learn, and I write. You should try it too. #BLESS

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