Don't Numb the Pain

I got a message in my inbox from someone who just had an abrupt end to a 9-year relationship, begging me to give them some words that will make all the pain go away. Two days later, I met a woman whose husband of 16 years died in his sleep, looking for the same. I'm good with words, but there's a limit to what I can say, and as much as I would love to take the suffering away from everyone who feels it, that's not how it works. Time heals all, and not on our schedule. All the quick fixes and attempts to numb the pain will only serve to delay or even reverse the healing. This isn't the most convenient truth, but it's a truth nonetheless. I know many of you reading this are going through some real shit. I don't want to minimize your pain, but I don't want to further amplify your suffering by promising you a quick fix. Pain is a messenger, both physical and emotional, and there's much to learn and grow from experiencing it, and when it's served it's purpose, slowly over time, we are able to move from it. I'm sure if I packaged a promise of happiness in a bottle and sold it for $19.99 it'd make me a lot of money, but it wouldn't work, and I love y'all too much to lie about some of the most important experiences we have in life. Pain is an essential part of life, and we can find ourselves looking back and being grateful for some of those experiences. For all those in pain, please know that time will help, and I'm rooting for you. #BLESS

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