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We're All on A Journey

Kanwer S Mahl

I bought 16 bags of ice and threw them in my tub to have an ice plunge. I got my phone set up to record the plunge to...

Join My Virtual Birthday Party

Kanwer S Mahl

My birthday is this weekend, and who better to spend it with than my Handsome Friends. We've been doing these group Z...

Stop Asking "Why Me"

Kanwer S Mahl

Thousands of years ago in the wild, you had to be super paranoid to stay alive. Hear a noise? assume it's a sabre-too...

The Fight Against Racism

Kanwer S Mahl

When I was a teacher, I was also the Anti-bullying coordinator at my school, and the lesson we taught students was th...

Happy Father's Day

Kanwer S Mahl

Whenever MamaPoet is annoyed with me, she says "you're just like your dad". I still don't see it, but I'll take her w...

You Can't Change What You Refuse to Confront

Kanwer S Mahl

This isn't for everyone.⁣Often, we busy ourselves by doing things to avoid what we really should be doing. This can b...

How We Sabotage Our Happiness

Kanwer S Mahl

I get overwhelmed easily, even when it's good news. I'll start to overthink the long term implications of signing a...

Be Your Own Source of Happiness

Kanwer S Mahl

We aren't simply a destination for happiness, we're a source of it. Instead of scouring the earth to find people to f...

Fitting In Is A Pointless Activity

Kanwer S Mahl

Fitting in is a pointless activity.If you take a look at history, the most celebrated individuals are the ones who sh...

Fear Keeps Us In Line

Kanwer S Mahl

We can survive a lot. Surviving things in the short term maybe very unpleasant, but in the long term, we will gain in...

Stop Shooting Black People

Kanwer S Mahl

100% of proceeds from this design will got to, which is a tool that will be very important, even after the...

Never Forget 1984

Kanwer S Mahl

Can we ever really truly understand war?⠀until we can put our fingers through the bullet holes?⠀Smell the gunpowder⠀a...
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