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See a Singh, Salute a Singh

It was in #Brixtonyears ago, I attended a B-boy competition with @therealnihal. We were on stage, part of the cypher, watching some of the greatest dancers in the world defy the rules of gravity, and remind the world why Hip Hop is the greatest music to ever exist. In the crowd of thousands, I spotted a fellow Singh, and gave him a salute of acknowledgement. You see, I've always stood out, not because there aren't plenty of guys with Turbans & Beards, but there just aren't as many interested in the same things as me, so I rarely see them in the places I'm in. Nihal noticed the exchange, and excitedly asked, "Did I just witness the Singh Salute!?" to which I replied "yea...

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Get Something Done

Anxiety comes from our imagination. We get anxious when we think about all the things we need to get done. The remedy to this anxiety is taking the first step, laying the first brick, standing up from your chair, and remembering getting anything done is better than doing nothing. The tiny stuff adds up. Stay focused on your journey one step at a time; there’s so much to learn and experience along the way.

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Family Photo!

Family Photo! My kid isn't as cute or greasy as everybody else's, but in 5 short years it's had a few makeovers, glow ups, and now pretty much pays most of my bills.This isn't going to be a pseudo-genuine post about gratitude towards #Unlearn's success, this book was a success the moment I released it independently, because of how many people actually make it to the finish line with the books they're writing. Instead, I want to share the valuable lessons I've gained from releasing this book.This book is a forever reminder that seeds sprout when they're ready, but we still have to plant them first. This book was first released in 2014 (shoutouts to my blue cover crew!) and sold on...

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There’s nothing more important to our happiness than expressing gratitude. We can say THANK YOU everyday for the big, the small and everything in between; it’s just up to us to create those reasons. Alongside the wonderful folks at @chaptersindigo, I created a month supply of gratitude with the challenge to give out one card per day and see how it impacts the way you, and those around you feel. Expressing gratitude can sometimes get corny, so in true Beardo fashion, we kept it real and from the heart 😊. Which one is your favourite card? Let me know in the comments 

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