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A Million Mistakes Is Better Than Never Trying

Kanwer S Mahl

The history and progress of our species have been all trial and error. We try things, mess up, and try something else...

Things Aren't Black or White

Kanwer S Mahl

My uncle won the lottery and then drank himself to death a few years later. Now, was winning the lottery a curse, or ...

Learn From Your Pain

Kanwer S Mahl

I finished a big national interview and by the time I walked outside the building, and crossed one street light, I ...


Kanwer S Mahl

Things start to work out and line up on their own schedule. My first book sold 3-5 copies a week when I released it...


Kanwer S Mahl

I have the word NOW tattooed on my hand, and that doesn't really help me stay in the present (SPOILER ALERT: inspirat...


Kanwer S Mahl

Back on the @breakfastclubam to talk about 📖 THINGS NO ONE ELSE CAN TEACH US 📖. All the love & light to @ctha...

Jagmeet Singh

Kanwer S Mahl

I've known @jagmeetsingh since I was a teenager, and he's always been in it to fight. I've seen him fight racist bu...


Kanwer S Mahl

  After five years in the making, I'm proud to finally announce my new book THINGS NO ONE ELSE CAN TEACH US is o...

My Hustle Family

Kanwer S Mahl

Whenever I come home and talk to friends and family about what life in #Hollywood must be like, their ideas are alway...

Nothing Lasts Forever

Kanwer S Mahl

  [SNEAK PEEK FROM THINGS NO ONE ELSE CAN TEACH US]I can’t promise you “happily ever after,” and that’s not somethi...

Shake it Off & Move On

Kanwer S Mahl

Bad shit is going to happen, and bad feelings are going to come from that bad shit, and that's normal. It's even ...

Doing For Others Will Always Feel Better

Kanwer S Mahl

Remember: We’re not chasing the goal, we’re chasing the feeling that we THINK will come from hitting the goal. Do...
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