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THINGS NO ONE ELSE CAN TEACH US Is Available for Pre-Order

On October 15th, my brand new book THINGS NO ONE ELSE CAN TEACH US will be available worldwide. My first book #Unlearnserved as the sandpaper to take off the stale and outdated ideas holding us back in life. THINGS NO ONE ELSE CAN TEACH US serves to show you a new way to look at life, so you can create the life you want on your own terms. I spilled my heart & soul into this one, and I'm so excited that it's now available for pre-order everywhere. THINGS NO ONE ELSE CAN TEACH US explores how we can shift our views on life to find and create silver linings in even the ugliest of times. Visit HUMBLETHEPOET.com/THINGS to read a...

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Your New Life

I miss over half the events I'm invited to - weddings, birthdays, friends having kids - name the milestone, and I've probably had to miss a few. I'm missing a friends wedding today, and he told me about it last winter. Unfortunately the life I chose doesn't always allow me to make all the functions folks want me to attend, and I'm okay with that. Most of my people try to be understanding, but some don't, and like those before them, decide guilt and shame are weapons to use against me. I don't take it personal, anyone that guilts and shames us is usually a victim of it themselves, all I can do is encourage them to break the cycle....

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Worry is a waste of your imagination

Worry is a waste of your imagination. We can worry about the future so much that we're robbed of our present. That worry can also result in fear so paralyzing, we can't move forward in life. None of us have a crystal ball, none of us can see the future, but that doesn't stop us from creating one in our head, and sometimes using that as a reason not to do the things we need to do in our life. We don't need to wish for things in our life, we need to work for them. We don't need to hope for a bright future, we need to trust ourselves to make one. The future is simply the result of the moments you...

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Toronto Sobers Me Up

  Toronto sobers me up.I look at my phone less, the problems with a California backdrop tend to lose meaning, and I start to pay more attention to the child that lives inside of me. The more I pay attention to that child, the more I can connect with the children in others. These children that live inside us can't be reasoned with or inspired with logical ideas and Tumblr quotes. They can only be treated with love and compassion, and given the space to be themselves. We do so much to hide these children, it's almost as if we're embarrassed to have them. But understanding they exist within us and everyone else may motivate us to treat each other that much...

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This Isn't For Everyone

  This isn't for everyone.Often, we busy ourselves by doing things to avoid what we really should be doing. This can be simply procrastinating to avoid studying or creating entirely new life choices to avoid confronting something that needs to be addressed. This isn't for everyone. This is only for the people who are ready to have honest conversations with themselves and are willing to admit things that may not be the easiest or most comfortable to admit. The first step to dealing with problems is to admit there is a problem. I'm not talking about the problems your friends say you have; they don't live your life, and won't have a clear picture of what you're going through. I'm talking about the...

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