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Tune Into Your Stresses

Kanwer S Mahl

We fall into cycles of despair, and when we do, we can interpret everything as being against us; that’s how it become...

Being Happy Will Make You Beautiful

Kanwer S Mahl

A friend interrupted my regularly scheduled program of worrying about my first world problems to challenge me to help...

You Don't Need PERMISSION to Be Yourself

Kanwer S Mahl

Stop waiting for the approval of an invisible audience. Either they don't matter, or don't exist. To be ourselves mea...

Love Will Keep us Working at it

Kanwer S Mahl

I've been having some great convos with great people lately about relationships. Not just romantic ones; I'm talking ...

Tips from 🇹🇹

Kanwer S Mahl

#jouvert morning 🇹🇹.. Pro tip, cover your beard in baby oil so the paint washes out a lil bit easier 🎨 check my sto...

It's YOUR responsibility..

Kanwer S Mahl

I was betrayed and left for broke. I blamed everybody. I blamed the people who betrayed me, as well as my good friend...

Decide Your Heroes, Decide Your Mindset

Kanwer S Mahl

Controversial figure? Definitely.. But he's the only reason both #MamaPoet & #PapaPoet are able to see me online ...

Don't Take it Personal.. Even When It Is

Kanwer S Mahl

I grew up with kids making fun of me for the way I looked, and that hurt less than a kind executive who agreed to hav...

What is your purpose? ⁣

Kanwer S Mahl

What is my purpose? ⁣What is your purpose? ⁣What's the meaning of life? ⁣You may be thinking, "Humble, don't promis...

It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice.

Kanwer S Mahl

I was fortunate enough to be @lilly's guest a the box suite for #NBAAllStar this year in #Chicago. As I was walking...

Keep it Moving

Kanwer S Mahl

Blame your parents, blame your ex, blame your shady betraying friends, blame Trump, blame capitalism, blame culture, ...

Love Yourself First

Kanwer S Mahl

Ask yourself why you're entering into the relationships you're in. If you have placed expectations on the other per...
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