Value Your Time

We think we're chasing happiness, but really we're chasing very temporary highs and dopamine drops. The validation we get from our social media likes, having one night stands, and watching our bank accounts grow feels amazing, but not for very long. Eventually, we sit there in a pile of our own ego, and ask "okay, what's next?" My man (and ping pong nemesis) @LewisHowes said it best, "Good things happen to those who delay gratification".

We choose the quick fixes over the hard work, but the feelings disappear just as quickly. We're all living in cultures of "buy shit, then buy more shit, then replace that shit with new shit" and it's got us on an endless cycle, and it seems the days of playing the long game for sustained satisfaction are gone, but we can bring that back to our lives whenever we want. Pay attention to where you're spending your time, energy, attention, and love, and decide if you're wasting it on short-cheap-temporary thrills, or on building lasting beauty for yourself and those around you.
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