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Want to change the world? Start with your corner

Want to change the world? Start with your corner

The internet has made it convenient to think you're making a difference by doing nothing at all. It also gets our hopes up that we can be famous (aka feel some significance) for doing nothing more than gaining attention. I have an inbox full of people who want to fix the world's problems, and all they need is for me to share their work. I doubt I'm the only public figure they reach out to in hopes of amplifying their message, and I think the time they spend on their phones copying and pasting these pleas could be better used doing something with more impact - like walking outside and picking up litter, or working on something else to impact their immediate community. It's those moments when we can ask ourselves our real intentions. Do we want to help, or do we want to be noticed? There's nothing wrong with wanting to be noticed, but I promise, if being noticed is a priority, it'll be draining and unsustainable to keep people's attention. If you really want to help the world, and don't care who gets the credit, then I implore you to get off your device, step outside, and find tiny problems that need to be solved in your corner of the world. Those tiny gestures add up, and just maybe you'll also find some significance in your power to make things better. Serving others is always more sustainable than just serving ourselves. How can you improve your corner? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. #BLESS
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  • 8/25/22

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