I Stand With Farmers

Sending love, light, & memes to our Farmers, as they prepare for a massive tractor rally on the 26th.

For me it's always poetic when large groups assemble with a common voice. Sometimes it's misguided and destructive, other times it's uniting and impacts positive change. Regardless, the power will always belong to the people, whether we as individuals agree with their cause or not.

Dozens have lost their lives since the #Farmerprotests began in the fall, and if the world isn't watching on the 26th, more lives are at risk. The supreme court has paused, but not repealed, the controversial #farmlaws; this signals that the battle is moving more to the public relations front. Whoever frames the best narrative, and controls how that story gets out, wins the most support.

Depending on the news you read, the farmers are either working class heroes or terrorists. Depending on the stories you believe, the government is either willing to compromise, or looking for an exit strategy. This happens with all stories, and is an important reminder to find news to inform your opinion, not news that re-enforces it.

There will be rallies in solidarity in many major cities around the world, and if you're up for it, please consider attending. If not just for the cause, but to also enjoy the spirit of unity and the people's ability to amplify voices.

Always with the people.

Always with the farmers.

Beyond caste, creed, race, religion, orientation and language..

If you ate today, please thank farmers around the world.

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#IStandWithFarmers ✊🏾
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