Everyone is Chasing a Feeling

The outcome of following the crowd is eventual boredom. The outcome of paving your path is feeling isolated and lonely. There are pros and cons to taking either path, and it's up to you to decide what's important for you. We all enjoy attention, and it's ironic that we can stand out by being ourselves the most. We all hesitate to do stuff outside our (and society’s) comfort zones, but history has us celebrating those people the most. Fitting in is a pointless act. TRYING to be different is a pointless act. Instead, let's spend time getting to know ourselves, so we can then express our authentic selves. Getting famous throws a lot of people into cages of an image they crafted in hopes of audience approval. Eventually the claustrophobia kicks in, and we begin to see these people crack under the weight of their own reputations. We can be mindful of this now, and not play that game. Fuck your brand, be yourself. It's okay to share with the public, and it's okay to keep some shit private. Validation from others is as addictive as potato chips, and just as bad for our health. Be aware of this, and explore other ways to feel good about yourself. What is a unique quality you have? Leave a comment and let me know #LOVE
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