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We're a sad generation with happy pictures

I'm ridiculously grateful that I can exist on social media with a generously sized community, and all most people want from me is snapshots of what I'm thinking. I've been on here long enough and went through the phases of doing all the other stuff we commonly see here.

I'm not here to judge what other people post and share, but it's worth reminding ourselves how much we're impacted by the "for display purposes only" culture that's ever growing and rewarded, depending on the platform you play with.

There's a good side to it. That aspiring photographer and model can jump on the street and take pictures and feel less self- conscious, because that's becoming more normal. The city of Toronto had a giant rubber duck a few summers back, and it generated great tourist revenue because everyone wanted a selfie with it. People posting pictures of quotes from my books is definitely a reason they've sold so well and spread around the world.

Social media is the hammer, and it can be used to build a house, or bash a skull, and it's here to stay, so let's celebrate the positive side of it, but not ignore the not so wonderful side.

The FOMO we get from scrolling does a number to our mental health. We identify gaps in our lives because we compare ourselves to others, forgetting our behind the scenes is not the same as their highlight reel. The pretending that goes on has a price, and at the very least, let's be aware of that price.
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