Be Yourself

I wasted a lot of life trying to make very specific people happy.
Sometimes they were the "cool kids". Other times, they were people I thought could help me move further along in my career. Sometimes they were just people who didn't seem very impressed with me, and I couldn't figure out why. We ignore those who adore us and adore those who ignore us, and that's a cycle we're all better off breaking.

So often, I meet people who thrive off proving others wrong, but that will never be as sustainable as proving the important people right. There will also be people who don't think we're good enough, and there will always be people (yes, always) who think we're wonderful the way we are; we decide who deserves our focus and attention.

We can make everyone happy, only at the expense of losing ourselves, and that's a heavy price to pay, especially when the euphoria of winning these new people over fades. I'm not advocating that you start farting and picking your nose in front of your future in-laws, I'm just reminding you that anyone who only accepts you when you're someone else, isn't worth winning over.
Being anybody but ourselves takes a toll, and chips away at us, so let's set the tone by being ourselves right off the bat, and focus on the people who appreciate us for who we are.
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