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It's Your Life. Don't Let Anyone Make You Feel Guilty For Living It Your Way

I was asked yesterday who in my family I inherited my artistic gifts from. The truth is I’m not sure; before me, no one in my family was ever in an environment where creativity was celebrated. For all I know, my mother could have been the next Beethoven and Pops, Picasso, but they weren’t raised to explore or even attempt to live their best life. Guilt and shame are the weapons of choice used against us by the people we’re closest to, and let’s be honest, we do the same to others. It’s horrible and folks need to get called out when they pull that shit. We don’t know how it feels to be in other people’s shoes and they don’t know what it feels to be in ours, so we all have to cut each other some slack. Let’s encourage people to live their best lives because that's where the game-changing figures of life come from.
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