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Being Happy > Looking Happy

Kanwer S Mahl

GettingĀ validation from other people has always been a strong motivator for our species. It matters at home, at schoo...

How to Be More Authentic

Kanwer S Mahl

I remember tossing an šŸŠ to a friend and they caught it at a weird angle. Immediately they said "okay throw it again" ...

Love Because You Can

Kanwer S Mahl

I've been trying to own up to my whack decisions & behaviour, and a big one was mixing up self-reliance with inde...

The Strongest Don't Survive, The Most Adaptable Do

Kanwer S Mahl

We inherit tradition from people who aren't alive anymore. They created a roadmap for life and we stick with that map...

Don't Let What's Happening Around You Weigh You Down

Kanwer S Mahl

This is the first year I've taken any real ownership for being sensitive. Mean comments on social media don't really ...

You Are Who You Hang Out With

Kanwer S Mahl

I've been trying to take more responsibility when things don't work out the way I want them in life. I think one of t...

Aunty Did It

Kanwer S Mahl

Child of an immigrant, Aunty did it!My nieces are going to grow up seeing powerful women of colour as normal, and won...

Do This For Your Well-Being

Kanwer S Mahl

Sometimes we call it depression when it's much more complicated than that. When life gets overwhelming, and we don't ...


Kanwer S Mahl

View this post on Instagram We may have sex with someone before we hold their hand. ...

We Don't Say "Thank You" Enough

Kanwer S Mahl

A survival mechanism we have is to ignore things that are going well and focus on things out of place. This kept us f...

Take Care of Your Flame

Kanwer S Mahl

A lot of people talk about the importance of loving yourself, but HOW do we love ourselves? What's step one? Do we ha...

Make Mistakes & Learn From Them

Kanwer S Mahl

Imagine the life you would live if you weren't afraid to fail.Ā Instead of calling it failure, we can call it feedback...
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