We Don't Need Their Approval to Succeed, We Need Our Own

I'll think up a cool and creative idea, and then a voice in my head makes me question, "What will other people think about this?" and I reply, "I thought we stopped caring about that a long time ago" in hopes that we move on, but we don't. Then potential scenarios take place about the potential repercussions of my decisions. I play through each one in my head and think about if that's ever really happened. If it's already happened and I've survived, then I can let it happen again. If it hasn't happened, then let's cross that bridge when we get there. This process takes up time & real estate in my bearded brain, and that time & real estate could be better used for other things.
I get it though, I wasn't this guy my entire life. I used to heavily care what people thought. As we shed ourselves from the shackles of one person's opinions, there's a whole new level of voices popping up in our heads. That won't go away, we've had life experience that have programmed certain thoughts in our brain, and they can only fade slowly over time with ACTION in the other direction. Give yourself permission to not bother getting anyone else's permission, it's a waste of all the things that really matter in your life. Try it out for even a week and see if your world actually crumbles. #BLESS
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