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Don't Argue Online

Don't Argue Online

We all want to be seen and noticed, that’s a human thing. Even those who don’t want to be seen and noticed, often make that evident, which in itself is a way to be seen and noticed, and that’s okay. Social media is a landscape where everyone is fighting for our attention. Obviously not everyone has the attention span to read my long ass captions featuring my sexy beard, and for those people, a lot of tricks are played to keep them tuned in; mainly clickbait, and anything that gets them worked up. The young folks don’t know, so they’ll drown in the mental anguish of trying to stay relevant. That leaves the rest of us 3 digit IQ folks who see the bullshit, and sometimes can’t resist the urge to participate. We find significance in correcting others, and also in being noticed for our ideas, but it comes at a price. Many of the debates being had, have been around for much longer than we’ve been alive, and they’ll remain that way, so stop getting so butt hurt over them. Your time is valuable and there is an infinite amount of better things you can be doing with your time than trying to convince strangers on the internet that your points are valid. You give power with your attention, so direct it to places that matter. Clickbait is the fast food of the game, and everyone enjoys it from time to time, but too much of it will make you feel like shit. As J.Cole says “Choose Wisely”
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