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Your Goal Is Simple

So many gottam expectations on us, from the world, our family and friends, and ourselves. There's a million scripts written, and we kill ourselves trying to stick to them, even when they don't feel right.

I think we should focus on what feels right.
I'm not saying unplug and abandon any responsibilities you have, I'm saying spend more time looking inwards, to better understand who you are, and add more beauty to what you discover.

That beauty isn't found in making everyone else happy, or hitting milestone by a certain age, or even doing what you're "supposed" to do; that beauty comes from honoUring who you really are, accepting the work that comes with that, and making baby steps in a direction that feels right.

The world is noisey and full of distractions, and the idea of sitting and doing nothing causes more anxiety and feels more overwhelming the more we think of it, but that's the only way we can cut through the noise and figure out who we are and how to create a life of progress. Creating a life of progress will help us abdon a life chasing someone else's definition of "perfect".

there is no happily ever after, and no one has life figured out, if they did, they wouldn't die. Be the best version of the authentic you that you can be, everyone else is taken.

If you made it this far, leave a 🥰 in the comments so I know you're a real one.
if you want to be an even realer one... text me 917-636-4159
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