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Do It On Your Schedule

Do It On Your Schedule

95% of our decisions are subconscious. We stick to invisible scripts and are bound to invisible tracks that can decide our life. We are influenced by what we consume on TV, social media, religion, the cultures we were brought up in.

Often we think we're making choices and know what's important to us, when really, we just haven't recognized the outside influences that have been telling us who to be in the world.

Our salvation comes from self-awareness, that means paying attention to ourselves, picking up on our patterns, asking ourselves uncomfortable questions, and recognizing how much everything else has played a part in molding us.

We can drown in the expectations of others, but also drown ourselves, thinking those expectations are our own. I've been peeling away these layers in myself, and the deeper I go, the more layers I find.

This system of peer pressure and social accountabilty made sense when we were in smaller tribes, but in the new world we live in, these just create systems where we serve as both the prisoners and the guards.

I hope you spend time today thinking about the scripts in life you're sticking to, and asking your gut what it would feel like to go a different direction. If no one on the planet cared about what you did, what would your life look like? how would that feel.

I hope you make one decision today that re-writes your script

if you made it this far, text me 917-636-4159
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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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