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What to Do If People Don't Like You

What to Do If People Don't Like You

There are people who outright won't allow you to honour who you really are, and then there are people who do it very subtly. There are also people who just don't vibe with you when you try to be as authentic and as vulnerable as possible, and even if nothing is said, the tension is obvious.

Some of these people are our friends, family members, and partners. They've known us the longest, and have formed the strongest opinions about us. Granted, they can see many of our blind spots, but very few of them can feel what we feel in our gut, and it's not their job to, it's our job to honour who we really are.

It isn't an easy task, we often assume those who don't align with us have to be toxic on the outside, and cruel, and willfully misunderstanding. But sometimes, they're amazingly sweet people, and the tension doesn't come from them, but just the misalignment between you.

The reward of walking your own path is freedom, but the price is a strong and deep loneliness. There's medicine in that loneliness (word to @aubreymarcus), and we have to sit with it to discover it, and it may not reveal itself on our schedule.

Don't ask me how to cut off your parents, or friends that you've had so much history with. Ask yourself what parts of you deserve to be honoured, and what cost you're willing to pay to ensure that happens.

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