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Live Your Best Life

Live Your Best Life

I have a friend who never got on social media. Not because he had a stance, but when the revolution happened, he was in a very dark place in life, and just didn't upgrade his phone. Years later, out of the mud, and with a new iphone, he still hasn't jumped on, and it's so fascinating to follow him around for a day. He never looks at his phone, never takes pictures, and every activity he does, is purely because he enjoys doing it; nothing is for display purposes.

We won't even admit how much of our choices are dictated by our ability to share it with the world. Some of us justify it as work, others love the attention, and others think they're ahead of the curve. The truth is, we all do things for display purposes, and wonder why the things we do never fulfill us. We post cute couple pics, or pictures of us enjoying a view. We suck in the tummies, and put oversized smiles, and pretend that what we're sharing isn't 1 of 845 attempts.

We do all of this to show that we're living our best life, when really our best life would be our most authentic life; our most authentic life is the life we live where there's no one else around. That could still involve travelling to exotic places, and wearing overpriced clothing, but it feels different, and you know what I'm talking about.

Even before the internet, we'd pose for photos with big smiles, knowing those smiles were only for the picture. We manufactured moments, hoping to remember something that didn't exist at that time. Living more authentically won't always look better, but it'll feel lighter.

I'd rather BE happy than LOOK happy. We're all competing for attention on here, but there's no finish line, only dwindling algorithms, malware apps, more loss of privacy, and a constant feeling like we're not enough.

Part of my goal to wean off social media is to get y'all on my text platform.. it's how we stay connected w/o social media.

So text me: 917-636-4159, if you're outside 🇨🇦🇺🇸 then visit and my stuff will come to your email instead.

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  • what is the dear chlid of fall


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