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You Can't Save Em' All

You Can't Save Em' All


We all feel special when we can help other people out. Some of us have turned into martyrs, always putting other peoples' needs ahead of our own. We kind of feel sorry for ourselves, but also don't want to stop, because we like being needed, it gives us purpose. 
The problem with this thinking is, it'll attract people who take, take and take, and there won't be much reciprocity. That'll leave you feeling tired, resentful, and unappreciated. Every time I encourage people to rid themselves of toxic company, someone pushes back saying they'll be the positive influence to help those toxic people. Unfortunately, that's not how it works, you'll get sucked into their bullshit, and they won't get better until they decide for themselves they want to be better. 
We all need help, but we can all only improve our situations by ourselves because the situations that need the most work are the ones that exist within us. If we want to encourage others to improve their lives, let's model the behaviour instead of doing all the work for them, it's not sustainable that way. 
Inspire people to get better by being better yourself, you're not a hero for putting everyone else before you, you're just depleting yourself. Be your own hero, and let that inspire others to do the same #BLESS

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