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So many of us mask our insecurities in a disguise of perfectionism. We don't want to share our work with the world until it's perfect, when in reality we're too scared to even get started. I get it, receiving judgement and criticism from others sucks, but here's the SPOILER ALERT: no one is immune to that bullshit, it'll keep happening. My first bestselling book had spelling mistakes in it, and it wasn't the end of the world. I can show you errors in all my music videos, but I'm still here, it's okay if things aren't perfect. Even with our lifestyles, we have this "all or nothing" mentality that keeps us from making any progress. 
So what if your diet isn't perfect? It's better than nothing. 
So what if you can't quit cigarettes cold turkey? You had one less today than you did yesterday and that's an improvement. 
Let's celebrate the baby steps of progress and not be so hard on ourselves for not being perfect, no one is. Those who judge and criticize are using that to hide their own insecurities, remember they're telling their story, not yours. #BLESS
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