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Don't Fight Your Emotions

Don't Fight Your Emotions


I try to think of emotions as my children. They're all a part of me, and as much as I'll have a favourite, I still have to love and care for each and every one of them, because they're all important. I never want to encourage people to be devoid of emotions, but I do want you to think about how your emotions can both help and hurt you in different situations. 
We often frame a battle between our heart and brain, but really it's all our brain. We have a primal part, and a logical part and they both work together. The logical will make better decisions, but it's still doing it to keep the primal part happy. The needs we have are all the same. We all need to feel secure, certain, a bit uncertain too (variety keeps life interesting). We need to feel connected, and significant, and we all want to contribute on some level. How we go about doing those things is the difference. There are quick and easy fixes and better long term choices, and that's where our logical side has to come in. If someone upsets you, you can quickly lash out to let them know they hurt you, or you can practice waiting, breathing, and taking time to formulate your words, to still let them know they hurt you, but in a better, less damaging fashion. That's just practice, and self-awareness, not much else. 
Don't fight your emotions, work to understand them. Figure out your triggers, and adjust your environment accordingly. If that means doing some spring cleaning, then do it. Both your heart and brain will thank you for it. #BLESS

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