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One of the biggest reasons I never want to be seen as some sort of self-help guru (although the beard shows otherwise) is because I do a lot of dumb shit. I make mistakes, and I'll continue to make mistakes, and because of that, it doesn't feel right to claim myself as a source of some special wisdom. I eventually realized that it was my ability to (sometimes) learn from my dumb shit that was something worth sharing, so others could learn from their own dumb decisions. We fear making mistakes, but it's from those mistakes that we make progress and find light to move forward. I taught the 3rd grade, I know how to make complex ideas simple to digest, that doesn't mean I can make the work any easier; we all gotta do that work for ourselves, and when we do, we'll see the progress. It may not be overnight, but those baby steps do add up. #BLESS

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