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You can't fix everyone

You can't fix everyone

As open-minded as I pretend to be, I don't cut people enough slack. That most likely has to do with how little slack was cut for me growing up, but I had immigrant parents with limited tools, and I can't hold that against them; I know better, so I can do better. We expect so much from others, and conveniently ignore how difficult it is for us to make any type of sustainable choices. I don't judge people for their lifestyle choices, but I do often not-so-subtly try to nudge people away from their fears and passive-aggressive ways, forgetting that I was once in their shoes, and that those changes happen very slowly over a long period of time. We can't mould people into what we want them to be, they're going to be what they're going to be. We don't appreciate when it's done to us, so let's be mindful when we start doing it to others. If you want to help steer someone in the right direction, be prepared to be there for the long run, and to understand that progress won't happen according to your schedule. Often, we focus on the flaws of others to ignore the flaws in ourselves. It's a convenient distraction, but a destructive one at that. Just because people were hard on me, doesn't mean I have to be hard on others, there is a better way, and I don't hold it against those before me for not having those tools. If we want to be accepted for who we are, let's accept others the same way. If we enter a relationship with someone, then talk about the journey and be open to not only helping the other continually grow, and having them do the same to you. People are people, not projects. #BLESS

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