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Let the shitty thoughts go

Let the shitty thoughts go


Whenever I have shitty thoughts and leave them unaddressed, I end up having a shitty day. I don't invite the shitty thoughts over, they crash the party and then make a mess. The first step wasn't trying to control the shitty thoughts, it was admitting how much power my thoughts had over my life, and to take some responsibility. Unpleasant things happen to all of us, and our power lies in HOW we respond to those things. How we respond to things can depend on how much sleep we've had, how much food is in our tummy, whether our IG crush posted a new pic and a slew of other factors. We don't have to own all our thoughts, and we need to practice slowing down with the reactions we share. How we think and respond after 5 minutes will be very different than 24 hours. We've all overreacted, and later calmed down, regretting that knee-jerk decision. The main thing I want you to take from this is how much more power we have over how we feel than we think, and that comes from being aware of the thoughts we feed and the ones we starve.

If you think everything in your life has to be going flawlessly before you're allowed to have a positive shade over your mind, then you'll be waiting for a long time. We always have control over our efforts and attitude, and the more we practice that control, the less the outside world will impact the picture we're painting. Try to go 24 hours without complaining and see how that improves the way you feel. #BLESS

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  • This is so powerful, and so true. You are very wise!


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