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Chase Your Purpose

Chase Your Purpose

One day we're a kid and chasing only things that bring us joy. We don't care who's watching, who's judging, or what's "cool". Slowly over time that changes and the opinions of others mean more than anything screaming inside of us; that's a horrible tragedy. I wrote a book called UNlearn because I realized that the kid-version of us had it right the whole time, and we just layered a bunch of bullshit on top of them, suffocating them, so we could become what? A responsible adult, plugged into a world that will replace us the moment we outlive our usefulness. We seek the approval of others because it feels good, but there are things that feel better, like a sense of purpose. I don't think two people reading this have the exact same purpose, and this life is a journey that slowly reveals it as we have new experiences. What are the things that make your eyes bright when you talk about them? Explore that deeper. What makes you excited to jump out of bed? If the answer is nothing, then change that answer to "I haven't figured it out yet, but I'll keep trying new things until my heart lets me know". What's your territory? What's that thing you would still be excited to do, even if you were the last person on earth, and you would never have an audience again? That thing is your purpose. I don't know if you choose it, or if it's coded in your genes, it really doesn't matter if you're not digging to discover. For those that have discovered some of this, please share your story in the comments. Sharing your story will help others write their own. #BLESS

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  • I’m 18. Since I was 7, I’ve told myself I was going to be a writer. Now I write a bit, but I do it because I think I have to, not because it makes me happy. I’m not sure if I would write if I never got an audience. As I write, I criticise my writing. Therefore writing is not fun. Messing around on my guitar makes me happy, I guess. I’ll did that. Thanks for writing this post.

  • This post spoke to my soul! As someone who was told to pursue degrees and jobs I didn’t love, my love for fashion would never die, no matter how much society told me otherwise. I have 3 unrelated degrees, a few career changes later, but still the only thing I still want to do is be creative with fashion. Pursue your passion and purpose people!


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